Braving the First Day – My Blog and Log

Hi Everyone,

I should introduce myself first I think. My name is Helen Purcell and I am relatively new to this ‘blogging’ thing…so be gentle!

Ok, so recently I decided it was time to return to teaching. I thought it might be useful to share my experiences with you as they happen. Picture this – I had previously done a few days nursery nurse supply. So last week, I decided, that now was indeed the time that I would brave a full class, and do a days supply teaching.

My first day of work was booked within hours of me saying the immortal words to Ryan. He asked me tentatively, “Would you teach a day in a challenging year 5 class in Wigan?”

I agreed and came off the phone thinking… oooo…. What have you done Helen? What have you done?

Tune in for the next blog entry coming soon :)


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