Getting that permanent post!

Hi, my name is Dan Hodgson and I’ve very recently secured my first permanent teaching position.

I have been on supply for almost 4 years. When I first started teaching the economy was rosy and HD TV was something for footballers and nerds.

In that time I’ve been very lucky in securing long term positions in my subject, this has been the key in getting this first job.

Working on supply you definitely need a positive out look or you will go literally mental. These triumphs out of adversity can be called back during interviews.

Being air dropped into schools like the teaching SAS

Glass Half Empty: Getting a position on long term supply has often meant a teacher has left a whole load of marking/unfinished coursework/disengaged pupils.

Glass Half Full: Teaching the coursework of so many exam boards, in so many different types of school to so many different ability levels gives you an understanding of a course some people might not fully appreciate.

It is these things that can set you apart from other candidates who may only have a narrow experience.

Working in so many schools long term means you can call on a reference for any occasion, it means you have so many contacts to call on when you get stuck on a unit at a new school, it means you have so many more people keeping their finger crossed when you go for an interview.


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