NQTS – Your path to success

Education Appointments are delighted to work with NQT’s and help you on the path to success.

We understand that trying to find your first position as an NQT can be daunting and working through all the information and guidance can be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, due to the pressure to complete their induction, too many NQTs accept the first job offer without thinking about the long term opportunities.

This has led to reports of NQTs leaving the profession after 2 to 3 years.  There are many examples of NQTs who have accepted the first position offered to them, only to find that they made the wrong decision.  Leaving that position, they have suffered difficulties in completing their induction and therefore they have to re-train or leave the profession.

How we can help….

Register with Education Appointment as a supply teacher and we will do the rest.  We will contact local schools on your behalf.  By doing day to day assignments, you will quickly build up a bank of schools in which you will enjoy teaching.  By already teaching in the school, most supply teachers are considered first when any long term assignments become available; maybe for maternity cover or long term sickness cover etc.  You are also in the right place at the right time when permanent positions become available.  Most head teachers welcome the opportunity to support NQTs through their induction during a long term assignment as a supply teacher provided you work for complete terms at a single school.

We can put you in touch with an adviser who has all the information relating to induction for NQTs, including how supply work can help, duration of induction period and what you can and can’t do in your first few years of teaching.

We will do all the job searching for you, taking the strain out of ploughing through advertisements by actively promoting you to local schools.  By visiting and telephoning schools regularly, we will know about forthcoming opportunities for you.

By working as a supply teacher for Education Appointments you will enjoy variety, a great insight into the different elements of how lots of different schools run, meet many more supply teachers with lots of ideas and, above all, earn excellent rates of pay whilst continuing in the profession that you love.


If you have any further questions please phone our head office 0845 226 8160 or maybe give us a tweet @EducationAppts or write on our wall on Facebook 

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