Teaching positions for Newly Qualified Teachers with Education Appointments

Teaching positions for NQTS (Newly Qualified Teachers) 

Your path to success

Education Appointments are delighted to work with NQT’s and help you on the path to success.

We understand that trying to find your first position as an NQT can be daunting and working through all the information and guidance can be overwhelming. It is widely acknowledged that in the first few years of teaching there is a lot of information to take in.

NQT’s can work as a casual supply teacher in a non-inductable post for up to 16 months while they are looking for inductable posts that last for a term or more. These are measured as 16 consecutive calendar months from when the first casual supply post starts; not as an accumulation of days worked. The 16 month limit starts on the day that the teacher begins their first short-term supply contract and does not stop during periods when the teacher is not undertaking short-term supply.

Register with Education Appointment as a supply teacher and we will contact local schools on your behalf.  By doing day to day assignments, you will gain confidence and will quickly build up a bank of schools in which you will enjoy teaching at.  By already teaching in the school, most supply teachers are considered first when any long term assignments become available; maybe for maternity cover or long term sickness cover etc.  You are also in the right place at the right time when permanent positions become available.  Most head teachers welcome the opportunity to support NQT’s through their Induction during a long term assignment as a Supply Teacher provided you work for complete terms at a single school.

We can put you in touch with an adviser who has all the information relating to Induction for NQT’s, including how supply work can help, duration of induction period and what you can and can’t do in your first few years of teaching.

We will do all the job searching for you; taking the strain out of ploughing through advertisements by actively promoting you by creating a profile about you that consists of information from your CV that we can give to local schools.  We also visit and telephone schools regularly, so we will know about forthcoming opportunities for you.

By working as a supply teacher for Education Appointments you will gain a great insight into the different elements of how lots of different schools run, meet many more supply teachers with lots of ideas and above all; earn excellent rates of pay whilst continuing in the profession that you love.

The new induction regulations are due to change and are expected to come into force from September 2012, including increasing the 16 month supply limit to 5 years from the date of gaining QTS. This is being debated in parliament with the DfE. 

If you have any further questions please phone our head office 0845 226 8160 or maybe give us a tweet @EducationAppts or send a message on Facebook  We also have a website that we update regularly with helpful tips for NQT’s on developing your teaching style, support networks, helpful blogs from other NQT’s, and referrals from candidates that are more than satisfied with our service.

If you still have reservations about registering with Education Appointments, take a look at some of our referrals from some of our other supply teachers.



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