Tip of the day for Newly Qualified Teachers looking to do supply

Tip of the Day for Supply Teachers

Advice for registering

  • It is a good idea to register with us early in the year, this way you will be cleared to work in time following your last placement and don’t forget to ask for a reference from them before you finish.
  • Try and earn some money in schools before the summer holidays (your last placement school may ask for you back too!).                                

How does supply work fit in with induction?

  •  You can work on a supply basis for 4 terms, after that you will need to secure a terms induction, having said that, Education Appointments will strive to secure you an induction period within the first 4 months.
  •  If you find in the first term that you are covering day to day supply in different schools and areas, embrace it, as the more experience you have the better chance you will have of securing that all important first induction term.
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