Tip of the day for Supply Teachers

Supply Etiquette

Schools will generally note your performance as a supply teacher throughout the day. The small things can make a big difference in you being asked back to help with cover again or not.

Expected etiquette:

  • If there is a teacher feedback form available make sure you fill it in at the end of each lesson.
  • Staying in the classroom until all the students have left safely.
  • Once all the students have left, check the classroom for rubbish and make sure the tables and chairs are straight and everything is put away along with clearing the board.
  • Make sure all the work you have done throughout the day has been marked.
  • If you have had to confiscate any items, make sure you hand them in to the appropriate member of staff.
  • Have a good positive approach to the other members of the staff in the school and be as helpful as possible, go the extra mile.
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