Tip of the day for Supply Teachers


Documents you need to bring when you come to register with Education Appointments

  • Identification/Proof of eligibility to work – We need to see at least two of the following: Valid Passport, Driving Licence (we need at least one of these as photographic ID,Birth Certificate,Marriage Certificate (if your name has changed since qualifying we need to see this)/NI card.
  • Proof of current address Bank Statement or Utility Bill which is less than 3 months old.
  • Proof of National Insurance Number – P60/P45/National Insurance card
  • Proof of your Qualifications – PGCE/QTS/Degree Certificate/NVQ/CACHE/NNEB/BTEC Child Care (If overseas qualified, you will need written clarification of your qualification from UK Naric)
  • Proof of GTC registration ( if applicable) – ALL TEACHERS MUST BE REGISTERED WITH THE GTC
  • Teacher DCSF number (if applicable)
  • Current Enhanced CRB– Wherever possible, if you have a CRB which is less than 12 months old, we will try to ‘verify’ it.  However, there are lots of organisations who do not provide this service and therefore we will need to apply for a new one.  There is an initial  charge for the processing of the CRB, however we offer a 50% refund on this once you have worked 20 days or equivalent for us.
  • If you have been overseas within the last 5 years and stayed in one particular country for 3 months or longer we require a ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ or Overseas Police Check.  We will also need to verify your passport.
  • Names, addresses, telephone numbers and if possible – business email addresses of referees. It is a requirement to cover your work/ academic and gaps of employment over the last 10 years. At least references must be either your last school/employer or work placement and if you are a NQT; your last 2 school placements and University Tutor.   Another reference may be a character reference of a professional (IE. Doctor, Police person, Accountant or Solicitor) – someone that has known you over 5 years and cannot be a relative or immediate family member. If you undertake any outside activities such as Cubs, Scouts or Brownies, we will also need to obtain a further reference from the organisation.  Please ensure that you bring the relevant information to enable us to gain your references quickly (We are required to take WRITTEN references) – It is important that we are able to obtain these references within 2 weeks, so please advise your referees prior to us applying for them, delays in gaining reference will have an impact on how quickly work can be sourced for you.
  • Bank/Building Society details
  • Up to date CV – Please see our website for an example template. If you are an NQT, please bring in your Career Entry and Development Profile.  PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR CV MUST COVER THE LAST 10 YEARS, EVIDENCE OF ANY GAPS IN WORK/STUDY HISTORY MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR AND EVIDENCE IS REQUIRED – IE:- Travelling (Your Passport pages will be copied to verify dates), Maternity Leave (Your child(ren’s) birth certificates will be required), Looking for work (proof of claiming Job seekers or any other benefits during this time).  Caring for children at home – a professional reference can be sought to cover this.  (Professional references – can be by a Teacher, Doctor, member of the police force, local MP etc. and they must not be related to you).  If you have been self employed at any time in the last 10 years; you will need to provide your tax returns/accounts for each year or a letter from your accountant to verify this.
If you have any further questions please call the office 0845 226 8160 – we are also on twitter @EducationAppts
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