Tips for Supply Teachers

Tips for Supply Teachers
Keep in contact with your agency. The more you keep in touch with your agency, the more likely you are to get work. Don’t be afraid to pop into the office to say “hello.” Be a friendly voice and face to your agency and they will be more likely to give you a ring. Make sure you always answer your phone in the morning even if you have to turn the work down.

Take pride in your work. This infinitely important tip will be your best chance of getting more supply work. Do your best and put in a little extra effort that will get you noticed. When schools recognize a good, hard-working teacher they often request them back. Especially in an unsteady time, being in the good books of a couple schools can really help. It also doesn’t hurt to tell your agency that you have a good relationship with a specific school as you may pop into mind the next time that school calls.


Use available resources. Generally other teachers or Teaching Staff are willing to help or share information. Be open and take any advice you can (even if you throw it out later). You can also use informative websites such as this one or online teacher forums to find out what your colleagues are saying and experiencing. This will help you stay up-to-date and in-the-know


Be willing to teach other year groups. If work is in short demand, you may have to broaden your horizons and teach different classes. Especially for secondary teachers (who may have a hard time finding work in their specific area), being willing to teach other subjects or even Primary can greatly increase your chances of finding work. Agencies like flexibility


Being a supply teacher these days is not easy. Yet, it is also not impossible. If you are keen to keep it up and continue with supply work then give these tips a try. If you are determined, your chances of finding supply work can only improve. If you have any other tips please contact Ryan or any of the team at Education Appointments.

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